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So I have been informed (again) that I need to get the archiving feature up and working so that people can look at things that have been posted in the past. The only problem is, most of the entries that were made on the old server were damaged in the move on to this server. That is about 1/3 of the entries made and I am looking for a way to fix the problem.

An explanation as to why the blog archives are not up yet is because I have been so busy at work lately that I do not even feel like coming home and getting anywhere near the computer, let alone do any programming. Now, here in a few days things should start to slow down at work and I may be able to get the feature working, but no guarantees.

On the new design front I have still been trying to come up with a layout that I like and is easy to follow. I really like Patrick’s because of the simplicity of it. I also am a big fan of What Do I Know but it is almost too simplistic. Another two of my favorites are Simplebits and Andy Budd both of which will probably influence my design a little more than they should.


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