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I am filling up my second harddrive fairly quickly and I am needing/wanting a new one. Right now it looks like the best option would be an external harddrive and I have looked into this one. The colors are not necessarily appealing but there are not too many other options available. Maxtor has some external harddrives that are pretty well priced but they have features I really don’t want (like one-touch backup).

My other want/need is a laptop. Next year I will have a lot of time spent on campus, idle time on campus. I think of a lot of little things when I am sitting around and it would be nice to keep track of them when I am not at home. I don’t need a desktop replacement machine, just something light and portable to allow me to get things done when I am away from my desk. I have been looking at these two. The only problem is that you cannot order them directly through ASUS, which I don’t like. I do not want to order them through some third party vendor…


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