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I spent most of the day flipping channels catching parts of the Indianapolis 500. Personally, I am not a huge car racing fan but I watch the Indy 500 because of the tradition in it and usually some very cool things occur during it. Today was a little disappointing though; The race was delayed because of rain, then they dried the track and there were 4-5 wrecks right in a row, including one that occurred on pit row. Then the rains came back and the race was shortened to 180 laps (instead of the normal 200).

Since most of the race was under yellow it was pretty boring, but they had a little memory lane segment where they showed some famous moments from the 500’s past.

In other news, it looks like Sony has come out with a Powerbook killer. Who knows how well it will do, but I am looking forward to their 1.7 lb ultra-portable notebook. If I get I a laptop I definitely want something that I can take pretty much anywhere. It does not have to be a desktop replacement, just something that allows me to get my work done on the go.


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