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There is a great article in this month’s issue of Wired magazine about Pixar and their rise to success and what the future holds for them. It is a really intersting look into how the company works and what works for them. Since they are led by Steve Jobs they have somewhat of a creative force behind them.

In other news, I went to Wal-Mart with a friend last night (this morning) so that she could pickup the Avril Lavigne cd. We listened to most of it and I have to say that my hat is off to her. There are a few reasons why I like her…

  1. She writes her own music…
  2. A big plus in my book, it takes a lot of talent to be able to write your own music.

  3. Her music actually means something.
  4. She is not the average teenage girl rocker, she writes good lyrics that have a meaning and aren’t just for her to show off on MTV (*cough*Britney Spears*cough*).

  5. She does not lipsync.
  6. When she sings on TV or in concert it’s really her voice, which means, when you buy her CD and you listen to it, she’s gonna sound the same when you see her live.

Anyway, that’s my $.02 on that.


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