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After about 2 hrs. of searching yesterday, my co-worker and I finally figured out why foreign characters were being thrown into our CSV. We did not even think about the CSV being exported from a Mac, but that turned out to be the problem. We exported it in Windows format and everything worked like a charm.

My internet connection at home is still somewhat messed up. I am having problems downloading files from just about anywhere. I tried getting some music from iTunes and it continually times out. If you are going to run a successful network don’t you think that it would be a good idea to secure it and keep things like network flooding from happening? To me that just seems like good business sense. I mean, I am trying to download a 211kb .zip file right now and I am getting 4k/s! This download should have been so quick that I didn’t even notice it. It is sad that nowadays you cannot get what you pay for.


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