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This whole town is empty, which is nice and annoying at the same time. It’s great because all of the crazy college drivers are gone (but the old folks still remain) but it’s really annoying that there aren’t people here to hang out with. The few things are there are left to do are watch movies, go to movies, go to the pool, or sit around. Other than that, nothing.

I had an interesting conversation tonight about public transportation and large cities. Houston is one of the very few large cities that does not have a good public transportation system and it really needs to be improved. I personally would go downtown more if there were an easier way than driving down there, trying to find a parking spot, and getting out. Yes, I know, we have Metro but it does not even come out to Sugar Land (a suburb of Houston) you have to drive to it which makes its usefulness limited. Places like Chicago, New York, D.C., Philadelphia, etc. have public transportation almost perfect. Now, it may have a few kinks in it every now and then but at least there is a way to move people from A to B in a scheduled, fairly trouble free environment.


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