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First off, Bush is doing things to help the economy along. Now, I am not going to say everything he has done has been the greatest of ideas but at least he’s trying. Kerry on the other hand, like Patrick points out here, is a brush off who is full of talk and no action.

Here Kerry is preaching about how bad the economy is and saying how he could improve it and yet, he cannot even show up for a vote to improve (even if just a little).

If you don’t know the whole story, I’ll quote the Washington Post. (The important parts are bolded)

“The Senate by a single vote rejected an election-year effort Tuesday to extend federal unemployment benefits.

Democrats tried to attach the benefit to a corporate tax bill. On a 59-40 vote in the GOP-controlled Senate, they fell just shy of the 60 votes needed to overcome objections that extending the benefits violated last year’s budget agreement.

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was the only senator who missed the vote. Kerry was campaigning Tuesday in Kentucky.

The amendment would have offered emergency federal unemployment benefits for six months, temporarily giving 13 weeks of extra assistance to people who exhaust their state benefits — typically 26 weeks.”

If Kerry was sincere about his stance on the economy he might have just showed up to vote, but no, he’s campaigning. Way to take care of the people Mr. Kerry.


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