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When you are studying for finals everything seems to slow down and pretty much come to a halt. Well for me (and everyone at my apartment complex) the internet has been the focus of this slow down. The stupid SASSER.B worm has pretty much stopped internet traffic at our apartment and it really sucks. I can’t check e-mail, print out some online assignments or anything that has to do with the internet. And of course, the office does n’t give a crap, they pretty much ignore everyone who complains.

So enough ranting, I only have three finals left and one of them is today. Of course it’s Managerial Accounting, which for some reason I am not too stressed about. I mean, I should be stressed since the exam is worth 150 pts. but I’m not. After today I’ll have the weekend to get ready for Marketing which is an exam that will actually determine my final average.

Alright, enough school talk…


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