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Well, I made a `B` on my Marketing test. I hate True/False questions, one word screws up the statement and makes it the exact opposite of your choice. yuck!

So what does the rest of this week hold?

  • Business Law test on Thursday
  • Java Project on Monday
  • Managerial Accounting test on Tuesday

I am ready for Spring Break already, how sad is that? I think I will just be working all of Spring Break which will give me time to work on the look of the site. I have a template in mind that I think will look very good. I am also going to be turning the site into a content site, with my little weblog having it’s own little space.

Here is a background I kind of worked on… Hope you like it. Blossoms. To make it your background just right click on the image and choose “Set As Background” and you’re all set.


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