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So what does the future hold for Well for one, I am changing the site from a blog type site to something with actual content. I have not totally nailed down exactly what the content will cover but it will probably have something to do with Marketing, Programming, and technology in general. I may decide to throw some Java, PHP, or Python tutorials into the mix. Right now it’s all in the planning stages though, so we’ll see.

So I am really looking into this internship for the summer. Basically, a job in NYC making $2,900 plus a stipend at the end of the job. Still looking at the details and putting together a resume to send to him. To me this would be an awesome job, I mean, come on, working in New York with one of the best Marketing minds in the world??

Well I was reading A Look at PHP 5 at and I am now convinced that PHP 5 will be awesome programming tool. Being able to throw (and catch) exceptions so that errors are more meaningful and are easier to debug is something that I think the PHP community has been waiting a long time for.

Also, the SQLite feature seems pretty cool. Not having to use MySQL or another database will be a big plus for those who just want something simple to hold their data.

In other news, CNN Money has a good article on the current gas prices and the expected pricing for the future. It also has a little insight into why the prices are rising (OPEC is expected to slow its production and there are worries about the inventory of crude oil). Anyway, for anyone wondering, that is a good read.

Well I bought a Pepsi today and won a free iTunes song. I don’t have iTunes so I gave it to my boss (it’s only worth $.99) and let him download something since he uses iTunes. This whole song idea by Apple and Pepsi is probably one of the smartest marketing choices for either company. It isn’t about illegal music, it’s about money, pure and simple. They could honestly care less about who’s downloading what, they just use that as marketing to get the kids who are using KaZaA and iMesh to use iTunes.

Ha, my boss just downloaded ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5.

Well I wasn’t able to go to the Interactive part of the SXSW festival in Austin (although I had the time) but a few people snapped some really good shots. PhotoMatt has some as well as Dan Cederholm. Maybe next year I’ll get a shot at going.

Vinnie has a new look for his blog and I really like it. The color scheme is awesome (though some people have complained about the light text on the white background) and the logo and catch phrase are great as well. Job well done Vinnie!

Now, if I could only do something half as good, I would be ecstatic. Maybe this weekend, maybe not. Who knows…

Well I was reading the Google articles in this month’s Wired and I found some pretty interesting things. As I read here, Google has a lot of things up their sleeves, one of the most interesting is Banana Slug. Basically, Banana Slug is Google with a twist; It adds an extra word onto your search to give you some very odd results. Go ahead, try it out.

Wired also has a very good article on content spammers and what measures are being taken to keep them from gaining PageRank. You can read it here.

Well, I had no idea how many stories there are about PayPal and how many people have lost money through them. I took a look at and read a lot of horror stories. Most of these stories had to do with extremely large amounts of money being lost. I have now decided to not keep a lot of money in my account, just enough to pay for the hosting of this site.

If you use PayPal, be very careful who buy from and send money to. Since PayPal basically hinders people from doing chargebacks you could basically be crap outta luck if you get scammed by someone. I have been looking for alternatives to PayPal but have not found anything that looks very good and since PayPal has been good to me so far I am not too worried.

I really can’t figure why I suck at designing… I keep trying to redesign this site but I cannot sit down and get a good design out. Everytime I try, it turns out looking horrible and I have to start all over. So I support the fact that programmers don’t make the best designers. I seriously wish I could figure out a new look for… Any ideas?