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Well I had an awesome birthday thanks to my mom, Lyndsay, and Lyndsay’s mom! I knew my mom was driving out here to see me but had no idea about Lyndsay and her mom, so basically I got a nice surprise when they showed up. We hung out, toured Texas Tech campus.

Lyndsay’s mom got me a Jelly Belly machine!! All I can say is w00t w00t!! Lyndsay bought me some really good books, Billy Madison, a scented candle, and a decorative candle. She also made me a birthday card which rocked! Props to her! My mom got me a water purifier for my sink (which I desperately needed), a crock pot, and a gift certificate to Rosa’s!

We had a really good time, on Saturday we went to the mall and did a little shopping/looking around. Then we went to a steakhouse for a good ‘ole fashioned Texas steak, mmmm. Lyndsay and I were supposed to go to the drive-in theater here but by the time we left the steakhouse it was too late, so we headed home and watched Happy Gilmore and some Simpson’s episodes. Oh, and we watched the rest of the Robin Williams Live on Broadway special.

All in all I had a great birthday and I am glad that my mom, Lyndsay, and Lyndsay’s mom took the time to come out here. I hope they had a good time!


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