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Well I know I haven’t posted anything about computers in a while but, too bad… I have discovered that people say they want one thing but when something better comes along they want that too.

Last year we had the problem with prayer/Pledge of Allegiance in schools, some said that there should be a separation of Church and state. Ok, fine. Now those same people want laws that say it is ok for gays to marry… hmmm… Where’s the separation of Church and state now?? Are they saying that it is not ok for the Church to have influence in state but it is ok for the state to control the Church? What gives? If you want a separation, then take it but realize that the separation applies to both parties. What I mean is, the Church should not have to marry gays just because the state says so. I know that marriage has become more of a legal contract than a Biblical contract so if the state wants to have its own legal binding contracts for gays, go ahead, but don’t tell the Church that they have to marry them.


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