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Well I said I was going to post a quote and I am going to follow through. The following is a letter written by Alison Bradley, the granddaughter of John Bradley, the last flagraiser on Iwo Jima to pass away (1997). Her highschool class was asked to write a letter to the person that they admired most, Alison chose her grandfather. I have chosen to only post a small part of the letter, to fully understand and appreciate it, get the book.

“Why did you not tell us about the Navy Cross?

And how about the time that Congress stopped and the Senate lined up to shake your hand? Why did you never sit us on your knee and tell us these stories?

The only answer I can give myself is that you were a quiet, modest, and honorable man who did not bask in glory. The only words you spoke in front of a camera were ‘I was in a certain place at a certain time. None of us are real heroes; we all just jumped in and lent a hand.’ “

James Bradley goes on to write, “After spending five years researching their lives, the boys certainly seem like heroes to me.”


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