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Well Google has opened their own little community which operates a lot like Friendster except Google’s service is by invite only. What is the name of this new service you ask, Orkut. First off, what kind of crappy name is that? Orkut!? Sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings… Secondly, what is Google’s drive behind all of this? To me (and others) it seems that Google may be trying to capture more demographic information on their users, which is a little sly, but information is king nowadays. Everyone wants to know who their customer is so they can better suit them, the problem is that they aren’t better suiting anyone except themselves. 55% of all businesses lose their best customers within 5 yrs. of their first purchase and since it is more costly to get a new customer than it is to keep an exsisting one I don’t see why any company would allow this statistic to come up. Service people, that’s all it takes. Why are places like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s still in business? You can find nearly the same clothes at other places but both of those stores cater to a niche, the service niche. They are the most helpful people in the world and customers want that, over anything else.

In other news, I have my first exams coming up, stressful times, let me tell ya. Managerial Accounting will probably give me the most trouble as it is the most difficult to follow and the teacher is very cocky and likes to trick the class. So studying will be a priority over the next few weeks….


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