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It is a windy, cold, miserable day up here…. The temp is 38 but with the wind blowing at 45mph it feels like 25. It’s horrible. Hopefully it will warm up but that possibility will probably not happen anytime this week as it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday. But like I have always said, the weathermen are just guessing so who knows what we’ll get.

I will post my new class and work schedule as soon as I get a chance because I know oh so many of you are interested.

I really like the new ALA article on the Perfect 404. Everyone hates the “Page Not Found” errors and this article gives designers and web developers tips on how to make their sites’ 404 errors easier to get out of. This is definitely worth a read and should be taken into serious consideration when designing your next site. I am redoing all of my error pages, not just 404 error pages, so that they respond to user input just like in the article.


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