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Well there is no school today so I get to spend my day at work, doing the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. I haven’t really updated lately and that’s my fault but I should be back to my normal postings soon.

School has so far gone well; I like almost all of my clases (except for Managerial Accounting), so this semester should be pretty good. Why do I not like Managerial Accounting you ask? Well for one the teacher thinks that accountants are gods or something and should be treated as such. He was bold enough to say that accounting is the only true “profession” in a business school, everything else is an occupation. Whatever, just because you can add, subtract, divide and multiply doesn’t make you any more special than anyone else, get off your high horse.

My Marketing class is going to be great! The professor in there is really cool and likes to have fun. The first question he asked (that we didn’t have to answer) when we walked in was “Do you roll your toiletpaper or crumple it when you use it?”. Everyone laughed and stated that we will actually be reviewing a study that was done about that very thing.


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