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Well I am back in the city of Lubbock after a day of driving. It wasn’t too bad though, I took my time and even after a small bump in the road (I’ll explain later) I made it back and got unpacked. Now, the small bump in the road occurred right outside of Snyder. I was cruising along at an indicated speed of 71mph, well I come to a curve and I see lights, and yep, you guessed it, they were for me. A state trooper pulled me over and told me I was going 77 in a 65 (the night speed limit). So now I have a citation that I have to get worked out, which, since I have never had a ticket before should be easy to do.

Other than that it is cold and clear (normal Lubbock weather). It’s good to be back and ready for another semester of school.

Oh, some people have told me that this site needs a new look, others have told me it needs an archive of old posts, and even more have told me that I need to post more. So you know what? Here’s my New Year’s Resolutions for this site….

  • New look for the site
  • A whole new system for the posts
  • I will post more often


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