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Well, the weather gets nice and then nasty, over and over. We are supposed to get more snow sometime this weekend and into next week… The only bad thing is that the air is so dry that your lips get chapped as soon as you step outside.

TGIF! I need to study, badly. I have three tests very soon and a programming assignment due Monday. Too much stuff in too little time… I really want to do some serious work on my truck and get it mint condition but $$$ is always a factor.

It is a windy, cold, miserable day up here…. The temp is 38 but with the wind blowing at 45mph it feels like 25. It’s horrible. Hopefully it will warm up but that possibility will probably not happen anytime this week as it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday. But like I have always said, the weathermen are just guessing so who knows what we’ll get.

I will post my new class and work schedule as soon as I get a chance because I know oh so many of you are interested.

I really like the new ALA article on the Perfect 404. Everyone hates the “Page Not Found” errors and this article gives designers and web developers tips on how to make their sites’ 404 errors easier to get out of. This is definitely worth a read and should be taken into serious consideration when designing your next site. I am redoing all of my error pages, not just 404 error pages, so that they respond to user input just like in the article.

I have a whole lot of nothing to add… I didn’t do much of anything this weekend except homework and sitting around.

I should have a few reviews up at very soon as I am finished writing one and almost done with the second.

This week really shouldn’t have to start tomorrow. I am not prepared to go back into my programming class and have Java “evangilism” shoved down my throat again… But, I guess I’ll just have to take it.

So I am sitting in my ISQS class right now bored out of my mind! All this guy goes on about is Structured programming and Object Oriented Programming and how OOP is better. No, that’s you’re opinion bud, just because you say Object Oriented programming is better doesn’t make it so. Yes, I know, OOP is great for somethings but procedural programming is just as good. I am very tired of listening to teachers preach their philosophy of programming when in all truth they are just repeating what they have been told with no real world experience.

Jeremy has posted a great little snippet about “Geek Dress Code”… Read it here. Great find Jeremy!

Vinnie has released the 4th part in his series about getting “Back to the Basics”. You can read it here.

In other news, 4 reasons why Tech is a better school than people think:

  1. We have a graduate program
  2. We have a Phd program
  3. We have a medical school on campus
  4. We have a law school on campus

Well there is no school today so I get to spend my day at work, doing the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. I haven’t really updated lately and that’s my fault but I should be back to my normal postings soon.

School has so far gone well; I like almost all of my clases (except for Managerial Accounting), so this semester should be pretty good. Why do I not like Managerial Accounting you ask? Well for one the teacher thinks that accountants are gods or something and should be treated as such. He was bold enough to say that accounting is the only true “profession” in a business school, everything else is an occupation. Whatever, just because you can add, subtract, divide and multiply doesn’t make you any more special than anyone else, get off your high horse.

My Marketing class is going to be great! The professor in there is really cool and likes to have fun. The first question he asked (that we didn’t have to answer) when we walked in was “Do you roll your toiletpaper or crumple it when you use it?”. Everyone laughed and stated that we will actually be reviewing a study that was done about that very thing.

I took my first class of the new semester today, ISQS 2341, or Business Computer Programming. Basically it is an intro programming/Java course and it seems easy (even though the teacher is asian and very hard to understand). He says that we have to come to class even though the first month will be nothing but beginner programming stuff (I guess good for me, bad for newbies).

I finally was able to get ahold of someone in Snyder county to take care of my ticket and they said I am not allowed to do deferred adjudication to get the ticket dismissed because I have never had a ticket before (well I’m sorry! I don’t usually speed)… So that rule makes a whole lot of sense. NOT!

I had a song stuck in my head for the latter part of the day but I couldn’t remember the name of it or the name of the group. But Google once again saved the day. I typed in the lyrics that I did know and it popped the song right up… Rush – A Passage To Bangkok, great song.