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I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that makes the internet great (information on demand) is the same thing that sometimes makes it a pain to use. I did a search for some stuff here at work and got a few good results. I went to the sites and the articles were what I was I looking for and as added bonus the articles had links to other resources. The problem was, none of the links worked!! Everytime I tried a link I got a “Page Not Found” error… Since websites move, site structures change, etc. nothing is constant. However, I think that a lot of websites are getting smart and starting to archive their content and make it available for longer amounts of time (some times infinitely). See I can go to the library, get a book and that book may have references to other books that I can look for. Now the book may not be available at that particular library which is why the internet is great, I can simply search for anything and no matter where it is, I can get it. So, as soon as the problem of keeping data in the same place is solved the internet will become a much better tool.


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