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I hate school and I am ready for it to be over this semester, just so you all know. I have realized that the GPA system is there to mess up a student’s future as much as possible. If a student makes a 3.8 his freshman year and then makes A’s and B’s the next year, his gradepoint falls and it continues to fall. The reason being is that cumulative GPA is calculated using a system that hinders a student from being able to show his doing well. What the system does is show when a student does badly, but it does not allow the student to make up the gradepoints as easily as he lost them, which, in my opinion is wrong. If you get a 3.8 one semester and you do badly the next (let’s say you get a 2.5), your GPA falls to around 3.3. Now to make up the points you lost you would have to make straight A’s for the rest of college (that is if you have enough years to do that). It’s like hitting someone when they’re down.


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