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Magic Muffler sucks! On my way home from Lubbock the tail pipe weld out of the muffler broke, the girl following me saw it and told me. I pulled over, looked at it, and saw that the only thing holding the piping to truck was the “hanger” near the rear of the truck. I took the truck into the shop and told them about what had happened and they gave me a lame response (as usual)… The muffler only has a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Well isn’t that convenient?! These are the same people who didn’t tell me that they had tie-wrapped my brakeline up, and we all know how that ended (broken brakeline). Anyway, I took the truck to another place and they fixed all up for me, so I’m happy. I have to take the driveshaft off tonight so that we can get the dual u-joints fixed tomorrow morning…. Fun stuff.


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