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Well the Accounting test I took tonight was about 10x as hard as any test I had taken before in that class. The questions were purposely worded to confuse the reader, sneaky, sneaky. To make matters worse, I walked out in the hall to get my notebook and someone had taken it. Who takes an accounting notebook that has nothing in it but notes!? I mean, I think I am good note taker but good enough for someone to steal the notes?!

I just need a break from Texas Tech for a while. I think that Thanksgiving will give me a little boost for finals and then Christmas will give me the umph I need to get through the Spring semester. This semester has gone by fast and slow at the same time, it’s hard to explain but that’s how it seems. Parts go very fast while others are almost in rewind mode…

I chose my classes for next semester. They are as follows:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Computer Programming
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Business Law

I still haven’t decided if I want to take a 2 hr. elective. The school is very weird on taking upper level courses and lower level courses at the same time. They a have a stupid rule that says a student may only take 14 hrs. when doing so…. Well that really messed up my plans, just keep me here longer how ’bout it?!


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