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Well Texas Tech lost to OU yesterday… It was a dissappointing game as well as frustrating. With 5 turnovers, all leading to touchdowns, we basically shot ourselves in the foot. The thing that gets me about the turnovers is that sports commentators on TV act like OU’s defense was the reason these turnovers happened…. Got two words for ya, YEAH RIGHT! In that case, OSU, Missouri, and Colorado all have OU strength defenses because we threw the same amount of interceptions to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, Oklahoma’s defense is good and they have good pass coverage but to me, they aren’t the # 1 team in the nation. Personally, USC or even Michigan should have the # 1 spot. Just because OU hasn’t lost a game doesn’t mean squat, look at their schedule…. Not like it was a toughy.

Now let’s talk about Michigan for a little bit here. They basically handed it to Ohio State. Michigan has all around good team, they can pass, they can run, they can do it all. I would put my money on Michigan if they make it to the national championship against OU. I think it will be a big shock to OU to play a team that has a better offense than most Division I teams.


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