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I was looking around and found a link to Looks like a pretty good site for reviews and of course, Sprint is at the bottom.

Also, I am going to “preach” Firebird and Thunderbird again. If you are looking for a better browser than Internet Explorer, then Mozilla Firebird is the answer. It is sleek, fast, good looking and is standards compliant! How can you go wrong?!? Also, if you are looking for a better e-mail client, check out Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a heavyweight e-mail program in a lightweight body. I think it is has better spam control than pretty much any other program and the potential in it is so much higher than anything else.

And now on another note, Microsoft.

I have always held the belief that Microsoft isn’t very inventive when it comes to new products. Usually, when they release something “new” they are repackaging and branding something that has already exsisted. The only original thing I have seen them release is the TabletPC which barely anyone uses. From all of this I was fairly discouraged to hear that they would be making their own version of Chrome. Why they feel the need to reinvent the wheel I don’t understand. The current Chrome project is for the most part standardised and fairly well understood but now Microsoft is stepping in and we all know what that means… Their own tags, very little or no standardization, and worst of all proprietary licensing.


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