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Well Tech lost to UT this weekend. I personally wasn’t too surprised. Dissappointed, yes; surprised, not really. The reason being is that we have not been getting in the groove lately. With B.J. Symons hurt and having to throw on a hurt leg, the whole team hurts. He played very well against UT and our offensive line came through and gave him the cover he needed. However, I special teams and decisions by the coach were horrendous. Going for two 2pt. conversions when you really don’t need them hurts the whole team.Toogood may have missed that kick at the very end but he tried his best and we lost. To me we played a great game and gave Texas a run for their money… Watch out next year.

On another note, Aggie football sucks. Plain and simple they are horrible. The Aggies lost to Oklahoma 77-0 but they beat Baylor by 73. Everyone was expecting Baylor to lose to Oklahoma horribly but they put points on the board unlike the Aggies… If Baylor can win their next game and A&M loses to UT (which is likely) then both teams will have the same record… HA!!!

I have an accounting test tomorrow night over 3 chapters, which, doesn’t sound like much but it is. Most of it is the value of liabilities and the time value of money. Pretty confusing stuff but I’ll pull out the ‘ole thinking cap tonight and really study up for it.


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