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Well it’s Monday again and all I can say is, wow, the weekend flies. I once again failed to get anything done to this site, but I did get the apartment cleaned up (yay for me). But it kind of irks me when you clean something up and 2 hrs. later it is messy again because you have a roommate who doesn’t care.

I am now going to rant about my roommate, so if you don’t like ranting, stop reading right now.


When someone says “I like my house clean” you take it for what it is, they like their house cleaned up. Well, when someone cleans up for someone else and then they trash it by leaving crap all over the kitchen, dirty dishes everywhere, and stale bread out, then there is a problem. Secondly, living together is an equality thing. That means, when one person buys food the other should pitch in and buy some as well, that way there is an equal distribution of the costs. Thirdly, leaving raw beef in the fridge with a piece of foil over it does not keep it fresh, it infects the whole fridge and will make people sick, especially when the meat changes colors. About the fridge, nothing that you someone makes (ie, leftovers) should be left in there for over a week and a half. That rule applies to spaghetti that was cooked almost a month ago.


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