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Well it is the end of the week and thank God it is… I am ready to just relax and not worry about tests. If you are wondering how they went, well they went ok. Statistics could have gone better and will definitely go better next time (since I now know how her tests are) and Economics was a breeze. A good way to end the week. Now to focus on Accounting….

If you are looking to make your internet browsing experience more fufilling, may I suggest Mozilla Firebird. You can download the install file here.

It is definitely worth downloading since it conforms to web standards that most other browsers don’t (ex. – Internet Explorer). So download it, try it out, and you will definitely notice a difference. Let me say though that it is still beta software. It is stable but it is not a final release (this is version .6.1). You shouldn’t have any problems but there are always chances, but don’t worry, this thing won’t corrupt your OS.

Alright, now for the serious stuff… I am truly sick and tired of people who say that the current economic situation in the U.S. is due to Bush’t economic policy. What do I say to those people? I say, ‘What are you, retarded?’ Anyone with some common sense knows the economic and fiscal policy do not take effect for at least 3 yrs. but on average 4. So, let’s think about that…. 4 yrs. ago who was the president of the U.S.? Oh that’s right, Clinton. Am I saying all of Bush’s current economic policies are right on the money? No. I do not agree with the tax the poor and leave the rich alone policy… However, most of Bush’s recent actions to stimulate the economy have gone ok and it will take more time to see if they can do more. You must also realize that Bush isn’t the person who sets the interest rates and really runs the economy. Alan Greenspan does. Anyone who has taken 12th grade economics should know this but I guess some people slept through that class. You want to blame someone, blame Greenspan, who could have 5 years ago made changes that would have prevented a recession that was made worse by 9/11. People criticize Bush and I think what would you have done if you were president? You wouldn’t have acted like Bush that’s for sure… And those of you who are displeased with Bush, take a minute and think about what our country would be like right now if Gore was president during all of this… I can’t even imagine, I don’t want to imagine…


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