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For all of you non-“believers” out there of tableless web design, take a look at the CSS Zen Garden. The entire design (and every design on the site) is comprised only of Cascading Style Sheets, text, and images. There are no tables used in any of the designs. This is hopefully what will look like in the near future.

For those of you who wonder “why should I use CSS instead of tables” well the answer is simple. When Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the WWW) decided to write specs on the whole system he clearly stated that a means to separate content from presentation was needed. Since that time HTML has been corrupted with useless tags like <blink> and others. Designers started using tables to form nice flowing layouts and everything was nice except there was no conformance to standards across all browsers. So basically a site could look amazing in one browser but not even work in another. This is where CSS comes in. It allows designers to totally get rid of tables and completely separate their content from the way they present it.

Tables should only be used for tabular data, duh.


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