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You may (or you may not, who knows) be wondering why I haven’t been updating the website in a while. Well, I am working on a new design for it and I just can’t get it to look right so I am trying to figure that out while at the same time trying to do some web work for some other people.

You may have noticed the ads at the tops of some of the pages as well. I decided that I needed to try and make a little money while doing this whole web thing, so I added them. They only pay out if someone clicks on them so if something interests you on one of them, click it and we are going to both like the results 😉

Other than that the only news is that my truck is in the shop for two weeks now and Lyndsay’s family may have decided on a house. Anyway, I hope to have a new design up soon, as you can tell, I am not a visual person =)


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