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Well Lyndsay and I went to Surfside beach on Saturday with my buddy Andy and his girlfriend. I did some boogie boarding and swam out about a quarter of mile off shore just to see if I could. The surprising thing was that the beach was actually nice!! Since Surfside is near the refineries and the offshore oil rigs can be seen from the beach the water sometimes (most of the time) is brown and hard to see…. But on Saturday it wasn’t bad at all, we had crystal clear water most of the way out with a little seaweed, but no biggie. I did get a horrible sunburn which has now turned my chest and back almost purple… I’ll never go to the beach without sunblock again!!

The pain is so bad I haven’t really moved in two days. I have tried this Aloe Vera stuff and it works for about, ohhh, 20 minutes, then I have to put more of it on!! Anyway, I guess it’s my fault and I should have listened to my mother (yeah, she’ll love hearing that) and put sunblock on. Lyndsay and I have both learned a valuable lesson; sunscreen is a must!!! =)


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