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Well it has been another week…

I went to Target with my mom today. Shopped around, looked at Father’s Day gifts, and bought a few things. Somewhat unproductive but at least I was out of the house! =)

I came home and tried to figure out some of the wiring on my truck for the fog lights. It looks pretty basic but it will probably take me about two days to get totally rewired with new lights and new switches. I just hope it doesn’t cost too much.

I grilled for the family tonight… Mostly chicken with some other stuff. My mom was making fun of me saying that I was practicing for living in the apartment next semester. She always acts like I am a moron and that I don’t know how to cook. She told me how to put the meat on the grill…. For those of you who didn’t laugh, I’ll repeat that. She told me how to put the meat on the grill!

I am gonna go look for a job tomorrow and I will probably just be as unsuccessful as I have been the last few weeks.


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