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Well I got home on Wednesday after an experience on the highway that scared the crap out of me. I was coming down a hill getting ready to pass a truck when he decides to get back into the lane and I have to hit the brakes, well the brakes failed and I barely missed hitting him. I pulled over and luckily there was a Ford dealership in the town I was at (Goldthwaite, aka Nowhere)… They told me that the muffler piping had eaten through the rubber hose that carried brake fluid to the rear brakes. So I was extremely lucky.

It is good to be home though, getting some things done to the truck and I have noticed that it isn’t accelerating correctly from a stopped position. I think that the fan clutch in it is finally about to go. I will probably replace it some time this next week.

Wade Bowen & West 84 are playing at Lost Creek Park this Sunday so I am going to go and check ’em out…


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