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Well I had my Geology test today. It was fairly easy except the professor purposely put questions on there that make people question their own answer. I probably did alright on it though, so I don’t care. The one thing that really makes me angry is when people cheat off me. They just blatantly cheat off of me. I hate that! So what did I do? I put down the wrong answers, then I let him finish his test and I went back and redid it. =)

This Saturday is ‘Take a Kid to the Game’ day. Basically, all of the fraternities and sirorities have their members take a kid to the football game. So I get to take a 3rd grader to the OSU game, sounds like tons of fun eh?

Then the 16th is the Kalf Fry! That will be pretty cool… Willie Nelson and Cross Canadian Ragweed will be here. And then we get to try our stuff against UT.


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