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Well I am not doing anything special. I have to go over to the Delta Gamma house (Casee’s sirority) and help pass out candy to kids in a program called ‘SafeTreat’. They block off all of Greek circle to cars and all of the kids come and get to enjoy Halloween in a safe and controlled setting. I can’t forget to pick up two bags of candy *sarcasm* in all of my spare time *sarcasm*

Really cold! It was around 38 degrees today, but the wind made it feel like 10. We are supposedly going to get snow tomorrow, I honestly doubt it.

Today wasn’t too bad, had a History test that I did good on and my Geology class got cancelled!! =) That was a relief. Only 3 more Geology labs and I am done for the rest of the semester, woo hoo!!

Yeah, wind will cut you to pieces when it is cold. Especially here, where it goes in between buildings and speeds up. What makes that worse?? A light drizzle, that’s what makes it worse! Feels like little pellets hitting you….

Now I get to go sit in the Delta Gamma lodge and pass out candy to little kids, that oughta be entertaining. Then I get to come home and study!! WOO HOO!!

But you know what, that doesn’t bother me. I have never been a big Halloween kind of person… It never really interested me, I can dress anytime I want and go around scaring people. You don’t need one specific day out of the year!! =) Stupid Hallmark holidays!

Well I just got back from the Delta Gamma lodge. All in all it was fun. Boring at times, but mostly just handing out candy to little kids. This one kid must not have been any older than 3 came up in a Winnie the Pooh costume, I gave him all of the candy I had. It was hilarious. The Delta Gamma girls are really nice. I was surprised because alot of the sirorities here are kind of stuck on themselves, but DG was different.

I have the normal round of classes tomorrow, yeah…. So much excitement….

Well, how can I put this nicely….? We took Baylor and pretty much beat the living snot out of them. 62-11!!!! Wreck ‘Em. It was a little cold but my dad called it “perfect football weather”, yeah for eskimos!! Too bad you weren’t up here to see your team get killed Zimmer! The fans were really mean at this game…. I can’t wait till next year when we play the team from faggieland, that oughta be interesting…

My parents were in town for family weekend. It was good to see them and not have to eat dorm food. I got to go get some more food stuffs and hang out with los parentes.

Now I have a Geology test tomorrow, so time to suck it up and study. I gotta make a good grade on this one to keep my GPA high!

Well I had my Geology test today. It was fairly easy except the professor purposely put questions on there that make people question their own answer. I probably did alright on it though, so I don’t care. The one thing that really makes me angry is when people cheat off me. They just blatantly cheat off of me. I hate that! So what did I do? I put down the wrong answers, then I let him finish his test and I went back and redid it. =)

This Saturday is ‘Take a Kid to the Game’ day. Basically, all of the fraternities and sirorities have their members take a kid to the football game. So I get to take a 3rd grader to the OSU game, sounds like tons of fun eh?

Then the 16th is the Kalf Fry! That will be pretty cool… Willie Nelson and Cross Canadian Ragweed will be here. And then we get to try our stuff against UT.

Well I had a ping pong tournament tonight…. I had to play for ATO. I lost though, but oh well.

I have had a really good week and I am glad the weekend is finally here. It will be nice to relax and not have to worry about class for a few days.

The weather is really nice, the temperature sticks around 60 and the wind is only bad in the later part of the day…. So great weather!!!

Well I don’t know why but I have gotten into watching college football…. I probably watched 10 games today. The one that bothered me the most though was the Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M… Who do I cheer for!?! I hate both of the teams! I am glad that A&M won though, because it helps Tech. But still it is the stinking Aggies!!!

Today was also nine months for me and Lyndsay. 9 Months!! That is a long time…. It is going good though, so time doesn’t matter. =)

Well it was a normal Sunday for me… Studying and doing work stuff for Microsoft. I had to go take my ATO test tonight to be eligible for initiation. It was pretty easy, so I think I did pretty well.

Got my normal set of classes tomorrow but I have to start writing up my presentation for my meeting for Microsoft on Wednesday. Other than that I have nothing, well except the ATO vote to initiation chapter meeting tomorrow night.

Well I am now an active member of Alpha Tau Omega…. No more pledgeship for me! =) My initiation is next Monday (the 18th).

I have also started my schedule for next semester… Atmospheric Science, Finite Mathematics 1331, IS 1300, and Quantitative Sciences 2440. I am looking for one more class that interests me so that I can have 16 hrs. next semester. I just don’t know what I want to take…. I need a 2 hr. non Business elective, but there’s nothing except Golf (which is full) that interests me at all….